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Merchant Ships

  • Pulsar Transport Ship (Common): This ship is the most basic ship of the Trade Association and can carry all ores. Due to its low rarity, its carrying capacity is also low, but the resources required to manufacture this ship are low. Because of this feature, the Pulsar Transport Ship is a widely used model in the fleet of small-scale traders.

  • Titan Transport Ship (Uncommon): This ship is more valuable as it has a higher carrying capacity than Pulsar Transport ships. In addition, because they have a more durable structure, they can move on more difficult routes than Pulsar Transport ships. Thanks to the cooling system specially designed for this model, more fuel can be transported in the fuel cells.

  • Hyperion Transport Ship (Rare): This ship is one of the rarest ships of the Trade Union. These ships have a very high payload and are equipped with more features than the Pulsar Transport and Titan Transport ships. There are special storage and security systems, high-tech navigation systems, and rich armament for the protection of the mines carried on these ships. However, these ships are very rare as they are very expensive to build and maintain.

Ship NameRarityMax StorageCooldownConsumptionSupply CapacityFuel Capacity

Pulsar Trasnport Ship


300.0000 MINE

480 min.

60 Fuel 30 Supply

150 Supply

240 Fuel

Titan Transport Ship


700.0000 MINE

480 min.

170 Fuel 80 Supply

400 Supply

680 Fuel

Hyperion Transport Ship


1500.0000 MINE

480 min.

250 Fuel 100 Supply

500 Supply

1000 Fuel

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