🌐The Open Space: A Metaverse Play to Earn Game Technical Review


This technical review aims to elucidate the workings, technologies, advantages, and solutions provided by "The Open Space," a novel metaverse play-to-earn game. Combining elements of science fiction, economic simulation, play-to-earn, and free-to-play themes, "The Open Space" thrusts players into a digital universe crafted through the amalgamation of blockchain and play-to-earn technologies. Within this metaverse, players can explore diverse planets, embark on adventures, complete missions, make friends, and derive entertainment. Concurrently, players can earn tangible income through in-game activities, all underpinned by the utilization of blockchain technology to manage the in-game economy. The resources or assets within the game are represented by blockchain-secured cryptocurrencies or tokens, which can be converted into real-world currency via external exchanges.


"The Open Space" stands as a metaverse game that fuses science fiction, economic simulation, play-to-earn, and free-to-play themes. The metaverse constitutes a digital realm accessible even without the use of virtual reality technology, envisioned as the next evolution of the internet, allowing individuals to socialize, learn, entertain, and trade in a digital space. Beyond its connection to the real world, the metaverse can also exist in a wholly imaginative domain. Anchored by in-game currencies, NFTs, and other crypto assets, the metaverse houses a transactable economy wherein play-to-earn games, facilitated through participation in in-game activities or the trading of in-game assets, find an ideal platform. Players can traverse diverse planets, undertake adventures, complete quests, and cultivate friendships, all while potentially earning real-world income through their in-game endeavors. The game orchestrates its in-game economy through the deployment of blockchain technology, securing the game's resources or assets as cryptocurrency or token holdings. Players can seamlessly convert these tokens into tangible currency as needed.


"The Open Space" functions as a metaverse game situated on the WAX blockchain network, specially tailored for gaming applications. The WAX blockchain network empowers players to buy and sell in-game assets securely, quickly, and economically. Operating on the EOSIO protocol, the network employs smart contracts, programmable code that automates in-game transactions. The smart contracts driving this game are coded in C++. Key addresses on the mainnet include: theopenspace, theopentoken, theopenfund, and theopenconfg. Developed on the Unity 3D engine, "The Open Space" boasts high-quality, realistic graphics within a user-friendly interface. The game is accessible through web browsers.

Resources or assets within "The Open Space" are symbolized by two types of tokens: $DMATTER and NFTs. $DMATTER serves as the game's primary currency, enabling players to transact within the game. The total supply of $DMATTER is 1.00000000 DMATTER (equivalent to 1 unit). As of now, the market capitalization of $DMATTER is $97,163.13, with listings on the Alcor.Exchange. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), unique, scarce, and non-interchangeable digital assets, represent customizable in-game tools, items, or lands. Players can craft, purchase, sell, or lease NFTs to personalize their in-game experience.


"The Open Space" injects a fresh perspective into the gaming realm, merging the concept of a metaverse with the play-to-earn framework. Launched on June 6, 2022, with the latest update, Ecoverse 3.0, released on August 30, 2023, the game transitions from pixel-art play-to-earn to a metaverse featuring realistic 2D visuals and menus. The project acknowledges its evolving state, with an active player base of approximately 120 individuals. The game's tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, with DMATTER's market capitalization surpassing $97,000 and NFT token's value exceeding $3,000.


It's crucial to emphasize that "The Open Space" development team neither guarantees nor implies any financial returns, profits, or benefits to users, players, or stakeholders. Engaging in in-game activities, trading of tokens, or any form of investment within "The Open Space" involves inherent risks, including but not limited to financial loss. Users and participants should exercise caution and due diligence before making any decisions.

Moreover, "The Open Space" development team expressly disclaims any liability for losses, damages, or adverse consequences resulting from participation in the game, utilization of tokens, reliance on the in-game economy, or any other interactions within the platform. Users are solely responsible for their actions, investments, and decisions, and should seek independent advice if needed.

By accessing and using "The Open Space" platform, users acknowledge and agree that they engage at their own risk and discretion. The development team holds no obligation to provide any form of compensation or restitution for any losses, damages, or disruptions that users may experience.

It's advisable for users to carefully assess the risks involved, conduct thorough research, and exercise prudence when participating in "The Open Space" and engaging with its token economy.

Please note that this disclaimer is intended to cover general legal considerations and is not a substitute for professional legal advice. It's recommended that you consult with legal experts to ensure that the disclaimer aligns with the legal framework in your jurisdiction and addresses all potential liabilities effectively.

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