What is IPFS?

IPFS is a protocol used to store and share files. This protocol stores files not on a central server, but on many computers around the world. This allows files to be shared faster and more securely. When storing files, IPFS creates a unique identification number for the file. This identification number is created based on the content of the file and changes if the file changes. This ensures the integrity of the files.

IPFS is a protocol that aims to replace HTTP. HTTP provides access to files based on their location. For example, to access a website, you need to know the website’s address. IPFS provides access to files based on their content. This means that the location of files is not important. IPFS provides permanent access to files because it provides access to files based on their content. This ensures that files are permanent and prevents them from being deleted or lost.

IPFS, like BitTorrent, allows users to download and share files. This makes it possible to share files more quickly. When used with Ethereum Name Service (ENS), IPFS provides a decentralized domain name system. This means that the addresses of websites are not stored on a central server, but on many computers around the world. This makes it possible to access websites more quickly and securely.

Pinata Cloud

By using its website, Pinata Cloud can add some files to the IPFS system free of charge, thus making this file accessible all over the world with its IPFS code. This article aims to provide a brief explanation on how to create a membership with Pinata, add pictures and obtain the IPFS code.

While this article was being edited, the current address of the Pinata Cloud website is: (https://www.pinata.cloud/) and the current site appearance is as shown in the picture. New membership transactions and member login transactions can be made from the area shown with a red frame.

Get Started

  • To create a account, press the (Get Started) button.

  • Type a mailing address in the field indicated by the red frame and press the (Next) button.

  • When the registration process is completed, an e-mail containing a confirmation number will be sent to the e-mail address you entered in the previous menu.

  • If you cannot view the confirmation number sent to your e-mail address, you can request a code to be sent again from the previous panel. If a confirmation code has been sent to your e-mail address, you can copy the confirmation code and paste it into the field in the menu.

  • After the confirmation process is completed, you can continue to complete your Pinata membership. You can continue by clicking on the "I'm not a developer, I'll use the web app" text on the page that opens.

  • On the page that opens, you can choose your membership plan. Pinata offers different plan options according to users' needs. Since free usage is explained in this article, you can continue by choosing the free plan.

  • You can complete your membership information from the next drop-down menu. You can make a choice according to your own preferences or choose the recommended options shown with a red frame. After your selection is completed, you can click the (Let's Build) button at the bottom right of the page to continue.

  • Congratulations, your registration process is completed. πŸŽ‰

Upload File

  • After completing your registration, to add a file or image, click the (Upload) button at the top right of the panel and click (File) from the menu that opens.

  • To upload a file, you can click on "Click to upload a file" from the menu that opens and select your file or image from your device.

  • Select the file you want to upload from your device.

  • You can set the name of the file you selected before uploading it to the IPFS system. If the name of your file is correct, you can click the (Upload) button and start the upload process.

  • Congratulations, now your file has been added to the IPFS system and you can easily copy and use the IPFS code, which can be used to access your file from all other IPFS system providers.

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